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Back Pain Physiotherapy

Have you tried all kinds of treatments for your back pain? Are you looking for a new approach that addresses the true cause of your chronic condition as opposed to a quick band aid treatment?

At Physio Solutions we pride ourselves on providing the most unique approach to chronic lower back pain. Our approach and techniques were developed by us, and have been continuously improved and refined over a 15 year period. 

Back pain can be as complicated or simplified as you’d like it to be. If you are like most chronic back pain sufferers who have seemingly exhausted all options, then you’d prefer a straight to the point explanation of:
i) why you have your back pain?,
ii) why you have not been able to find a lasting solution to your back pain
iii) what needs to be done to eradicate your back pain and strengthen your body so the pain never returns?

Most people are amazed that no one has told them the real reason why they have their chronic back pain and most importantly what steps need to be taken to eradicate it for good.

We take a step by step process dedicated to eradicate the tension deep within your hips and lower back to enable pain free, unrestricted movement. The we commence to restore functional neuromuscular symmetry to correct long term compensatory movements patterns. Once both are achieved we then proceed to build functional strength.
Our unique Back Pain Physio technique was developed by one of our founding practitioners who suffered from chronic debilitating back pain. With two herniated discs, and one ruptured disc, then an eventual diagnosis of spondylolisthesis he was told that he would have to learn to live and manage his back pain. Not agreeing with this diagnosis our founding practitioner set out to find the solution to chronic back pain, which resulted in a complete cure to his chronic back pain and a solution that has helped over ten thousand chronic back pain sufferers since 2001.

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