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An extremely unique approach to Physiotherapy. Effective Pain Targeted Treatment – that focuses on the source of your pain. Regardless of whether your pain is acute, chronic - sports or work related our highly effective techniques are geared to completely eradicate your pain.

What is so unique about our Physiotherapy approach to acute/ chronic pain and sports injuries?
In order for you to respond positively from your first session you need quality hands on Physiotherapy and this is what you will get. We take a multimodality approach to treatment that has been developed and refined over a 15 year period. Our approach looks at the body as a whole and focuses on the true underlying cause of your pain/ injury. Treating the symptoms to provide you relief, whilst simultaneously addressing the root cause ensures that chronic pain cycles are broken and recurring sports injuries are resolved once and for all.  

What to expect?
We work with elite athletes, where time is of the essence. Treatment has to be successful, it has to work as quickly as possible and it must be lasting.
We believe in strong hands on manual therapy! Dry needling, TENS, ultrasound, passive exercise prescription have their place - however are they the quickest/ surest solution..? We apply this knowledge and experience to everyday people with acute and chronic pain. Our unique hands on therapy eradicates tension/ restriction/ inflammation causing pain. Our unique neuromuscular training strengthens your body to break the chronic pain cycle and ensure recurring sports injuries are stopped in their tracks. 

What not to expect?
To be greeted by your physiotherapist only to be left alone to carry out exercises or self treatment.

Overtreatment! We are upfront from the get go. If your pain/ injury is acute, we will take all measures to eradicate your pain as quickly as possible. If your pain is chronic and changes need to occur to provide lasting relief from your pain, your physiotherapist will advise this and keep communication open at all times.

Physiotherapists who do not subscribe to rolling their sleeves up and providing manual therapy to get you better as quickly as possible.

Impersonal service. The quickest way to get results is to focus on the relationship. All of our physiotherapists are outgoing people who thrive on the personal interaction with our patients.

Pain Solutions Clinic Richmond


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